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​Purina One Dog Food Reviews, Ratings, Recalls, Ingredients!

About the Company

purina one dog food reviews

Purina is one of the brands that can be found in grocery stores but still provides great quality. In fact, they were the first grocery-store carried brand that has real meat as the first ingredients in all of their currently marketed foods. Many pet owners wonder, “Is Purina One a good dog food?” That’s why I’m reviewing them today!

Dry Food

SmartBlend Chicken & Rice Formula Adult Dog Food
    SmartBlend Lamb & Rice Formula Adult Dog Food
      SmartBlend True Instinct Turkey & Venison Dog Food
        SmartBlend Healthy Weight Formula Adult Dog Food
          SmartBlend Sensitive Systems Adult Dog Food

            Canned Food

            Real Chicken & Duck
              SmartBlend Gravy Lamb & Brown Rice Entree Dog Food
                SmartBlend Beef & Brown Rice Entree Adult Dog Food
                  SmartBlend Real Turkey & Venison Canned Dog Food
                    SmartBlend Gravy with Real Chicken & Duck Dog Food

                      Purina One Dog Food Reviews

                      Purina gets 3.5 stars from me today. They have some 1 star foods and some 5 star foods, but as a brand, I believe they deserve a three and half star rating because while they are consistent and offer unique foods at affordable prices, they don’t always give the quality ingredient their customers deserve. Let’s break down the pros and cons of feeding Purina One.


                      Affordable Food

                      Purina One reviews all mention one thing: how affordable the food is! Many foods with quality ingredients are not affordable for some pet owners, and that can be very frustrating. With Purina One, you get affordable food, but also quality food.

                      Age-Focused Formulas

                      Whether you read Purina One puppy food reviews or senior food reviews, you’ll find that many owners are satisfied with the way the food is formulated specifically to suit their dogs needs. Purina One considers what different aged dogs need, and that’s important. For example, their mature dog formulas supplement dogs with glucosamine to help the aging process.

                      First Ingredient: Meat

                      I really appreciate that this food has real meat as the first ingredient. Many brands found in the grocery aisle do not have this, so as far as very inexpensive foods go, Purina delivers better quality. While this is the only real meat ingredients, affordable dog foods often do not offer this.

                      Caring For Senior Dogs

                      One thing I like about the way Purina markets themselves is their focus on the senior dog and their needs. Not every brand makes a food specifically for senior dogs, but Purina has taken the time to do more research about what ingredients they can add to help solve some common problems that senior dogs face.


                      Includes Corn, By-Products

                      The big negative for this brand of food for me is that it contains corn and poultry by-products in many of their lines. While it’s great that the first mean ingredient is real meat in these products, corn, soybean, and wheat meals are all used. These foods are known to practically be fillers, and Purina should move towards removing them for a better review.

                      History Of Negative Reviews

                      Some owners dogs have had bad reactions to Purina One food, likely because many dogs have sensitive stomachs that cannot process the corn, soy, and other by-products present in many of the Purina foods. This concerns me, but the food might be fine for your dog. Monitor their progress to be sure they’re handling the food well.

                      Therefore, I would recommend that dog owners consider using the Instinct raw food varieties as a supplement to a dog’s regular kibble for some extra protein and added variety into his diet. Consequently, you can ensure your dog is getting all the nutrients he needs for maximum energy and health.

                      Purina One Reviews of Ingredients

                      SmartBlend is one of Purina One’s most popular lines, so I’ve brought up the ingredients info for the Purina ONE SmartBlend Vibrant Maturity 7+ Formula food meant for aging dogs.

                      • Crude Protein (min) 28%
                      • Crude Fat (min) 12%
                      • Crude Fiber (max) 4.5%
                      • Moisture (max) 12%

                      The first ingredient in this food and the main source of protein is real chicken, which is great. The next source of protein, however, is poultry by-product, which could be anything. I wish that they would take a whole prey approach and use other real meat sources of protein, but at least the main source of protein is real chicken.

                      The next eight ingredients are all types of grain, which not all dogs can tolerate. If your dog can tolerate grain, this food will be great for them. If not, skip it and get hold of grain free foods. One of the reasons this food has so much grain is because these grains are natural sources of glucosamine, which Purina has identified as good for aging dogs.

                      Purina One Dog Food Reviews

                      Overall, the ingredients are a mixed bag. Some of them, like the real chicken, is great. I love seeing real meat products in dog foods. The corn, soy, and filler ingredients that are common in cheap kibble are all present in this food, however, which makes me love it less.

                      I would give it an average rating when compared to other foods available on the market.

                      Purina One Dog Food Recall History

                      There have been no recalls for the Purina One dog food line in the past two years. There was a recall in 2013, but the problems have long been corrected. In mid-2016 many owners believed a voluntary recall should have been issued, but there was no evidence of a recall-worthy problem with any of the foods Purina One was selling.

                      Final Thoughts

                      Even after you’ve delved into dozens of reviews, the answer may not be clear, and I’m sorry that I can’t help more. I really do worry about the amount of corn, soy, grains, and by-products in the food. While you dog might be able to eat them, some dogs will not. Purina One is not so bad that I will say you shouldn’t try it, but it’s not my top choice.

                      If you want to avoid the risk altogether, let me recommend another affordable brand that makes great food: Fromm. Fromm is a great food that is still affordable, comes in many varieties, and has truly quality ingredients. Try out their products if you want to make an easy “yes” decision rather than a “maybe.”


                      Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. She started to fact-check dog health-related information for HerePup during her internship and contributes since then. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine.

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