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Best Large Dog Kennels, Crates, and Cages (Top 9 Review)

Best dog crates for large dogs

Crates can be tricky, especially for large dogs. It’s absolutely critical that they have enough room to feel comfortable. Sure, small breeds need space as well. However, small breeds are, well, small. They don’t need as much space are large breeds. We have a few recommendations of good dog crates for large dogs that you can use; however, we’d like to cover some general tips and tricks before we get into that!

Well, durability, strength to stand destruction, and coziness are vital for a perfect kennel purchase. However, optimal comfort will mainly be as a result of the cage providing ample space for your dog. They will be less aggressive. Unfitting crates will make a pet want to set free, and it may end up destroying the product.

But with a large dog crate, comfort issues become a thing of the past. It is cost-saving as you do not need to buy products after every short while. In the event the space is too much, there are supplied dividers than will help mark the size you find fit for your pet. Large dog crates are, therefore, a bargain, but the best quality is needed to make the item better.

AmazonBasics Metal Dog Crate is the top of customer selection. The product has positively fulfilled the expectations of over 13000 customers, as it can be seen from the 4.6 rating score from 13300 reviews. You won’t get better quality for the money elsewhere. The item will live beyond expectations. It contains double doors to ease your pet access issues. It is portable and easy to store as it folds flat when empty.

Quick Comparison: Top Dog Crates for Big Dogs

MidWest Life Stages Double Door
MidWest Life Stages Double Door
    AmazonBasics Folding Crate
    AmazonBasics Folding Crate
      DogGoods Foldable Travel Kennel
      DogGoods Foldable Travel Kennel
        SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels
        SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels
          LUCKUP Heavy Duty Large Dog Cage
          LUCKUP Heavy Duty Large Dog Cage

            Dog Cage Reviews from an Expert’s Point of View

            Dog cages differ in cost, durability, material used for construction, and size. The reviews below will enable you to settle on the best item effortlessly. We have classified the products under different categories depending on the material they are made of. This will ease your struggle of picking a perfect item to match your quality demands.

            Metal Dog Crate   

            They are durable and strong for any pet. Metal kennels offer optimum safety for your pet. We highly recommend you prioritize on the crates. Keeping an eye on your pet is no longer a problem as the vents are perfectly made. Fresh air circulation is also vital for your pet, but that’s not a concern when you buy the items. They are likewise easy to clean.

            MidWest Life Stages Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate - Best Dog Crate Overall

            midwest life stages double door metal xl dog crate

            The MidWest Life Stages item tops our selections, as it is perfect den for XL dog breeds. It measures 48 by 33 by 30 inches. A plastic tray to ease your cleaning needs is conveyed upon product purchase. A divider is also issued in case the cage seems big for your pet at the moment of purchase. The pen is fitted with a carrying handle for all your conveyance needs.

            The seller provides a 1-year warranty to boost your buying confidence. The item is made of sturdy steel. This ensures the cage withstands destruction from restless dogs. The wires used are tightly packed, thus boosting the kennel’s sturdiness. The two doors available ease your access worries. They likewise make cleaning straightforward.

            Assembly won’t take up your time. You likewise won’t need assistance with the matter as it is easy to put together. All your storage concerns have been kept at bay as the product will fold flat when empty. It will also ease your conveyance needs.

            Despite the item’s uniqueness, there is a drawback as the edges are not well smoothened. They, therefore, might end up hurting your pet, thus posing safety issues. Smoothening the ends, however, won’t take much of time if you own a file.

            The product’s moderate cost, enormous dimensions, resilient material, and unique design makes it among the top cages accessible. It is worth every penny spent.

            AmazonBasics Folding Crate - Basic Wire Dog Crate

            amazon basics single door and double door folding metal dog crate

            Its size is perfect for XL dog breeds while the cost is affordable. There are two doors in this cage, thus solving your pet access needs. The item’s dimensions are 48 by 30 by 32.5. Your storage and conveyance needs are met beyond expectations as the crate if foldable. There are perfectly fitted locks for your pet’s safety.

            Resilience is not a concern anymore as the cage is made of high quality and sturdy wires. A need for optimal fresh air circulation has been met and exceeded through the installation of vents all around the kennel. There are many concerns about sharp corners in some crates, which may end up injuring your pet, but with the item, that’s not a worry.

            Your pet’s safety has been ensured through the rounded corners in the cage. The provision of a divider enables you to set the right size for your pet’s fitting concerns. The item is straightforward to put together, as you do not need any tools. Your carrying problems have been considerably solved through the fitting of a handle. The cage is easy to clean, all in the account of the removable pan in provision.

            With everything in the provision, we believe the manufacturer would do better if they provided a free cover or sold one (a cover) at a discounted price. During the cold seasons, the cage may be of little use since it will be too cold. However, that changes nothing about the item. Given its affordable price, we see no better cages to purchase. It is built to last a lifetime.

            Portable Kennels

            The cages are entirely made for optimal comfort. The sides are soft and the internal made of fabric. The stylish design in the crates is hard to get past without acknowledging their beauty. You have little to worry concerning assembly as they are conveyed ready assembled.

            DogGoods Foldable Travel Kennel - Portable XXL Dog Crate

            doggoods foldable travel kennel and soft crate for car camping

            The cage is stylishly built for optimal coziness. A combination of fabric mesh and high-quality steel makes the item resilient beyond imagination. Here, you won’t need to buy a separate mattress as at hand is a comfy bed made of soft fleece material. It is stress-free to clean and waterproof – no more worries resulting from water spillage.

            The cage measures 48L by 33W by 33H inches. It is safe as there are no sharp protruding that could harm your pet. It effortlessly folds up for convenient storing and carrying. Besides, a carrying bag has been provided for easy storing and conveyance. Assembly issues have been solved as the item is provided ready to use.

            If you are searching for a hygienic kennel, we do not see better options accessible. The waterproof interior and washable fabric are all you need to give your pet a cozy and spotless housing. It is a 3 door cage with 4 mesh windows.

            The item suits use in cars or indoors. However, the prohibitive cost is the main barrier towards accessing the service of this great product. We would highly recommend it if it retailed at 1/3 of the current price – the cost doesn’t replicate the quality.

            EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate - Best Soft-Sided Dog Crate

            elitefield 3-door folding soft dog crate

            The cage measures 48H by 28W by 32H inches. It is conveyed fully assembled, and it is spacious for large dog breeds. The enclosure folds up in no time, thereby easing your storage concerns. Your conveyance issues have been kept at bay through the multiple transportation options available.

            To start with, a carrying bag is provided at no cost. Secondly, the handle is fused. Additionally, multiple carrying options are at your disposal, depending on your convenience in each. You can pick on the strap model you need, from back to shoulder straps.

            The item isn’t heavy, and it is made of high caliber fabric. The item’s resilience is enhanced through the steel tubing making the frame. Besides that, it is stylish with well-fitted vents. The cost is moderate, given the cage’s top quality and distinctive design.

            Three doors that ease your pet access and tidying needs. The cage is perfectly ventilated with a top opening, which enables your dog to access sunlight. The seller has found it better to include a removable cover and bed to the package.

            Likewise, the 2-year warranty and money-back guarantee from the seller should boost your buying confidence. In case the cage doesn’t meet your expectations, you can ask for a refund. But we can assure you without any doubt that you won’t have to ask for a refund as the item will live beyond imaginations.

            Plastic Kennels

            The crates top the selection of the most recommended airline approved containers. This is due to their ease of conveyance and the robust material making the cages. They can, likewise, withstand considerable weights without breaking, thus guaranteeing optimal safety for your dog.

            SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels - Extra Large Dog Crate

            sportpet designs kennel with dog

            The SportPet extra large dog crate measures 48 by 32 by 36 inches, thus perfect for a comfy experience. It is approved for use in airports, although confirmation for new conventions is needed. The cage is built of robust material that makes it withstand substantial pressure without breaking.

            Upon purchase, the manufacturer is giving out water and food dishes, metal bolts, and nuts. Your pet’s security is boosted through the tie-down holes present. Ventilation and fresh air concerns are a non-issue as the dog will readily access sufficient air. A con arises as the crate is substantial, though it is wheeled to see that the issue never gets out of hand.

            Putting the cage together will not last you 10 minutes, and you do not have to use any tools for assembly. The metallic nuts are well-threaded to ease your tightening needs for optimal safety. The product, however, isn’t much impressive as it retails at a very high price.

            The bed isn’t included in the item’s exorbitant cost. All in all, the item is robust and provides a safe sanctuary for your dog. It is resilient but not worth the money spent.

            Petmate Sky Kennel - Airline Approved XL Dog Crate

            petmate sky kennel with a dog

            In the event you are looking for a multi-functional large dog kennel, here’s a choice you will never regret purchasing. The item is made of high quality and sturdy plastic that ensures maximum safety for your pet. It is suitable for indoor, outdoor, and travel needs.

            The product is made and approved for airline travel with great consideration to comfort and safety. The package includes the appropriate animal stickers, food, and water bowl clip-on. It contains 4 interlocking vault doors for added security. It is well-ventilated to ensure smooth and sufficient access to fresh air.

            The wires making the vents are extra-tough to ensure they do not get bent easily. The wingnuts in provision are non-corrodible, thus for optimal protection. It is easy to assemble as the metallic nuts in provision ease the setup. A wide variety of the item is available depending on the size of your pet.

            The only con in the item is the way there are plastic holes in place, whereas airlines approve for metallic holes and nuts. Threads in these plastic holes wear out quickly, meaning your pet will be insecure at times. However, everything else conforms to the laid airline regulations.

            Besides that, the item’s quality and durability make us not think of a better option elsewhere. The item is approved to live beyond expectations. We highly recommend you purchase the product.

            Heavy Duty Crates

            The items are made with great consideration to safety with comfort, having a little part in the construction. A need to look for rust-resistant heavy-duty cages is vital as it will positively affect durability. All in all, heavy-duty crates are made to last a lifetime. Choosing the right size is, therefore, crucial.

            LUCKUP Heavy Duty Large Dog Cage - Best Heavy Duty Dog Kennel

            luckup heavy duty dog crate

            This is where a permanent solution to your kennel needs rest. The item is made to last you a lifetime. It is available in a variety of sizes, but the one under consideration here is the 48 by 29 by 51 inches kennel. It is spacious to accommodate your large dog without a problem.

            The LUCKUP heavy duty dog crate is made up of rust-resistant, sturdy, and durable steel. It won’t get damaged easily, and it provides optimal security for your pet. It is lockable to ensure the dog stays in without fear of opening and escaping.

            The cage is substantial to carry, but it contains lockable wheel castles that help ease your transportation needs. The wheels easily lock to keep the cage stationary. You have no worries about accessing the enclosure as there is a huge front door for easy entry of your pet. The roof of the cage also opens for increased interaction with the dog.

            Assembly may be tough without the right tools, but that’s not the case with the item. You only need 5 minutes at most to put the cage together. There are only 4 castles and 8 screws to fit in. Your cleaning needs have also been simplified by the provision of a removable, easy to clean plastic tray.

            In addition, the item is covered by a 3-year warranty against any quality problems. This will boost your purchasing confidence as you are assured of getting the best value for money upon purchase. It is the ideal item for your pet’s shelter problems.

            pro select empire cage large

            Sturdy, durable, and secure! This is all you need for your pet’s maximum safety. When considering the best value for money, longevity always comes first. The cage is large to accommodate your dog without any issues. It measures 40.75 by 28.125 by 31.24 inches, corresponding to the inner dimensions.

            This is the largest size available, but there’s a medium one if that’s what you need. The frame is exceptionally strong as it is made up of 20 gauge steel with a half-inch diameter steel tube reinforcements. It is by far the sturdiest cage in the market. Durability is the least of your concerns, as it won’t get damaged easily.

            It contains a removable tray that is easy to clean, thus making your cage hygienic for your pet. It is wheeled to ease your transportation needs. The wheels can be un-mounted for additional stability. The cage is made of rust-resistant steel.

            There are lots of cheaper products accessible, but none can match the strength of this unique brand. It will suit your needs perfectly if you own a dog that has rendered previous crates useless and easy to break. With the item, you will contain them without fear of damage.

            The high price is nothing but a reflection of the item’s sturdiness. We highly recommend you purchase it without hesitation. It is worth every penny spent.

            Wooden Dog Crates

            The crates are stylish and uniquely designed with a smooth finish like other furniture. They are made of hardwoods for durability concerns. Safety is ensured as they are lockable and hard to break. Your pet won’t get hurt in the process of trying to escape. 

            ecoFlex Pet Crate - Indoor Dog Kennel

            crown pet products wood pet crate end table

            The item is stylish and perfectly suits indoors use. It can be placed under shade to prevent destruction by extreme weather conditions. The smooth, elegant finishes on the exterior make the item worth purchase.

            The versatile door in place eases your pet entry concerns, and it is ventilated for sufficient air supply. The floor is made of melamine and its waterproof to keep the cage free of dirt and water. This also increases the item’s durability.

            The lower part is closed to keep the pet safe from the harsh weather conditions. It is accessible in two finishes that match your home décor. The cage is available in medium and large sizes, depending on your pet’s size. The one under review measure 39.6 by 27.2 by 27.3 inches.

            It is the most suitable indoor kennel, and it is, by all means, worth the cost. We highly recommend you purchase this elegant dog crate as it is suited to match and exceed expectations.

            What to Look for in a Dog Crate for a Large Dog?

            There is quite a bit more to look for than people think when it comes to dog crates. Some crates can be made with inexpensive materials or poor designs, leaving your pup uncomfortable and ultimately unhappy.

            One of the first things that you must decide is what type of crate you’d like to keep your dog in; there are advantages to them all:

            Advantages of Wire Crates

            One of the glaring benefits wire cages are the fact that they are easy to transport and store away. This makes them idea for people who travel a lot with their pets or only use the crate occasionally.

            Another great thing about the wire crate is that it is easily adjusted for size. You can expand and resize the crate as necessary. This is a fantastic element for a growing dog. It’s great for large breeds as well, and it might end up saving you money in the long run.

            Advantages of Plastic Crates

            There are tons of great benefits of plastic cages. In addition to giving your dog a greater sense of security and privacy, they’re actually required by law if you’re going to travel with your dog by plane.

            So if you think there may be a chance in the future for you to travel by plane, it’s actually mandatory that you buy a plastic crate for your dog. However, that doesn’t mean this crate will have to be a full-time crate for your pup.

            Advantages of Wood Crates

            Wood crates have a few benefits. They look really great for starters. Also, they’re very strong and secure. Also, the top usually comes with a flat, wood surface that you can put things like books, centerpieces, etc.

            The unfortunate thing about a wood crate is that you usually can’t reduce or expand their size. However, if you find the right size crate for your dog, it can be worth it. Also, it’s important to note that this is an indoor crate

            Advantages of Soft-Side Crates

            Soft side crates are good for dogs that aren’t very aggressive about getting out of their crate. They’re fantastic for traveling, camping, and using outdoors.

            They can be “pitched” at a moment’s notice. We think it also feels less threatening to dogs in some cases. If we can put ourselves in the cage for a moment, it’s much less threatening to be in a fabric cage than behind metal bars, but ultimately, it’s about you supporting your dog when it gets into its crate.

            Another thing that is important to consider is the size of the crate. This is absolutely crucial because if a cage is too small, it’s inhumane, it doesn’t give your dog ample room to move about freely.

            If a cage is too large, however, your dog could isolate itself to a corner. This is especially true while your dog is going through the “puppy” stages.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Under this section, we have seen a need to provide answers to the most asked queries concerning dog crates.

            • How big of a crate do I need for my dog? - Well, a choice on the right crate depends on the size of your dog. It should be large enough to offer your pet ample space to move around freely. Medium-sized kennels measure about 36 inches long and are suitable for dogs weighing 40 to 70 pounds. Large enclosures measure above 42 inches long and can accommodate dogs between 90 to 110 pounds.
            • What size dog fits in a 42-inch crate? - 42-inch crates are considered large and perfectly accommodate dogs weighing between 90 to 110 pounds. Likewise, the container should be 2 to 4 inches taller compared to the pet’s size. It is hence right to say that dogs below 40 inches will perfectly fit in a 42-inch crate.
            So, as always, spend some time properly training your pup and using lots of positive reinforcement to make his or her crate a safe, happy place

            Closing Remarks

            As we wind up our comprehensive reviews on the large dog crates, we hope you are now better equipped for a straightforward purchase. When buying the right dog crate, ensure you understand the quality of the material making it. Cost considerations will enable you not to overpay for substandard goods.

            I can assure you that choosing from the list provided will solve your kennel needs for the foreseeable future. Having reviewed the items under different categories, you are now in a better position to pick an item depending on your quality, durability, and sturdiness demands.

            The MidWest Life Stages Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate is the best large dog crate overall. The Double Door Folding Crate by AmazonBasics is top-rated by customers though. You can easily read over the 13400 reviews under the item to see to what extent the item will meet your expectations. It is all you require for your pet’s crate needs. We can assure you that it is worth every penny spent.

            With much said, we leave you now to purchase the best item that matches your demands. What’s your experience with dog crates? Are they a choice worth buying? Kindly share with us your experience as it is of utmost importance.

            More Large Dog Kennels

            Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door
            • Brand Name - Lucky Dog
            • Size - 48 x 30 x 33 inches
            • Material - Steel
            • Features - Double Door, Removable Pan, Corner Stabilizers, Carry Handle
            EliteField 3-Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate
            • Brand Name - EliteField
            • Size - 48 x 30 x 32 inches
            • Material - Coated Metal
            • Features - Collapsible, Divider Included, Removable Pan, Carry Handle, 3-Door
            Zampa Double Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate
            • Brand Name - Zampa
            • Size - 48 x 31 x 31 inches
            • Material - Polyester
            • Features - Double Door, Collapsible
            Frisco XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door Wire Dog Crate
            • Brand Name - Frisco
            • Size - 54 x 36.5 x 44.75 inches
            • Material - Coated Steel
            • Features - Double Door, Removable Pan, Heavy Duty
            MidWest Solutions Series XX-Large Heavy Duty
            • Brand Name - MidWest
            • Size - 54 x 37 x 45 inches
            • Material - Coated Metal, Plastic
            • Features - Collapsible, Double Door, Removable Pan, Water-resistant, Heavy Duty
            Precision Pet Products Great Crate Double Door
            • Brand Name - Precision Pet Products
            • Size - 48 x 30 x 33 inches
            • Material - Coated Metal
            • Features - Collapsible, Divider Included, Double Door, Removable Pan, Carry Handle

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