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Petsmart Insurance Plans For Dogs (With Top 5 Plans)

I’m here today to give you more information about Petsmart insurance plans for dogs like yours. You have probably heard of Petsmart dog insurance if you’ve ever shopped at the chain store, but you might not know any of the details of Petsmart health insurance for dogs.

Petsmart Insurance Plans For Dogs

When you get Petsmart health insurance for dogs, you’re getting dog insurance from Banfield Pet Hospital, which is Petsmart’s partner veterinary hospital. The plans are known as “Optimum Wellness Plans,” and they offer coverage through the Banfield Pet Hospital.

This can be confusing for some consumers that are looking to buy Petsmart health insurance, so I’m going to break down the pros and cons of this investment.

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The Banfield Pet Hospital Petsmart insurance plans for dogs are a unique offering, but they’re not all good. The price isn’t too high, and the coverage is easy to get as it’s offered at many Petsmart locations, but it’s confusing to consumers because they offer pet wellness coverage, not insurance. Let’s explore all the pros & cons of Petsmart insurance for dogs.


Every Plan Has Some Benefits
While there are some negatives to the plans offered by Banfield, every plan offers some of the same basic benefits that are made with the consumer in mind. These include:

    • Unlimited office visits
    • Recommended vaccines
    • Physical exams (2x/year)
    • Screening for illnesses
    • Discounts on Banfield products & services
    • Convenient hours
    • Online portal

Convenient Locations
It’s easy to get service from Banfield Hospital for pets because their locations are easy to find. Many PetSmart locations have a Banfield Hospital branch at their location, which makes it very convenient to do your pet-related shopping and get their care handled all in one place. Find your nearest Banfield location here.

Can Cover Pre-Existing Conditions
Unlike many standard health insurance plans, the Wellness plans often cover existing conditions, and there are not as many limitations on this. For owners with pets who are sick with chronic conditions or may need treatment for many years, this is very convenient.

Fees Same For All Pets
Unlike pet insurance companies that charge differently by breed, Optimum Wellness Plans only differ by market, not by breed. This is fairer for pet owners who own any dog. Not many plans offer this type of pricing coverage.

Discounts On Additional Pets
After you already have a plan from Banfield, you’ll get a discount of $15 on each additional pet that you add to your coverage plans. This can benefit owners who have two or more pets but is also something that some other insurance plans offer.


Not Actually Insurance
The insurance for dogs Petsmart offers is not insurance. The Optimum Wellness Coverage is a type of pet wellness coverage that covers preventative medicine and many procedures, but it would not be right to consider this coverage to be full-blown pet insurance. It does not necessarily cover accidents or illness costs, depending on the incident.

Some Locations Better Than Others
In some areas, Banfield Animal Hospitals are home to the best vets around. In other areas, their services are spotty and lackluster. Before deciding to enroll in one of the Optimum Wellness Plans, make sure you do your research by reading reviews of your local Banfield. You want to be sure that you’ll be paying for a location that’s worth the cost.

Require Yearly Contract
When enrolling in Banfield, you have to get a yearly contract. While they are certainly not the only pet wellness or insurance provider to require this, it’s inconvenient for those who end up disliking their services, as you will need to stick with them for a year or pay high fees to get out of your annual contract.

Expensive For What It Is
The Petsmart insurance for dogs cost is higher than that of many other pet wellness coverage or insurance offerings that cover much more at a lower monthly cost. The wellness coverage does not give enough value for the price, in my opinion, since it does not cover accidents or emergency illness, only preventative treatments.

Vet Upselling
Vets at the Banfield Hospitals will often push you to buy specific products that you may or may not need, and this can be frustrating or expensive for owners who believe they are being upsold on unneeded items.

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Banfield Plan Options

Petsmart Insurance Plans For Dogs

These are the top 5 plans with Petsmart health insurance for dogs and puppies, with some details about their coverage. All plans include unlimited office visits and some level of discount on Banfield Pet Hospital products and services.

1. Dog Wellness: Essential Wellness

The Essential Wellness plan covers the following:

    • Physical exams (2x/year)
    • Vaccinations
    • Diagnostic testing
    • Fecal exams (2x)
    • Deworming (2x).

2. Dog Wellness: Active Prevention

The Active Prevention plan covers everything in Essential Wellness, plus:

    • Dental care
    • Urine testing (1x)

3. Dog Wellness: Special Care

The Special Care plan covers everything in Active Prevention, plus:

    • Additional urine testing (2x/year)
    • Preventative X-rays
    • Eye pressure test (2x/year)
    • Electrocardiograms (2x/year)
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4. Puppy Wellness: Early Care

The Puppy Wellness: Early Care covers:

    • comprehensive physical exams (2x/year)
    • Vaccinations
    • Diagnostic testing
    • Fecal exams (3x)
    • Deworming (4x)

5. Puppy Wellness: Early Care Plus

The Early Care Plus plan covers everything in Early Care, plus:

  • Spay or neuter surgery costs

Optimum Wellness Provides Protection

The plans offered by Optimum Wellness Plans as Petsmart dog insurance are aimed at preventing your dog from catching any unexpected illnesses or health issues. They are not true pet insurance plans, but they are still a great way of keeping your dog from getting ill:

Still, the dog insurance Petsmart pushes to its customers is not the best value you can find. In fact, it isn’t even a true insurance plan. If you’re looking for the best pet insurance, I recommend you take a look at Trupanion Insurance or Embrace Insurance. Both of these companies offer reliable, affordable insurance options no matter what the age or health status of your pet.

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Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. She started to fact-check dog health-related information for HerePup during her internship and contributes since then. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine.

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Hi I lived in Puerto Rico and Iam interested in the Essencial plan for my three Great Danes please tell me the price for medical insurance for my babies. Thanks


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