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Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews: 6 Best Pros (And More!)

I’ve seen many Embrace pet insurance reviews, but none of them have given me enough details about why the writer likes or dislikes the brand, so I’ve decided to put my own review together today. This pet insurance review will cover all aspects of the brand “Embrace” and, hopefully, give you a complete view of the coverage they offer.


Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Many reviews simply point to a few complaints people have had and give Embrace a bad rating, but I believe that Embrace has continued to grow in a positive way over the years and hope to give a more comprehensive report of the good and the bad you will find with Embrace.

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Why Embrace?

  • Up to 90% Back on Bills at Any Vet
  • Diminishing Deductible
  • One Comprehensive Plan
  • Coverage for Exam Fees


Offer Add-On Routine Care Plan

I absolutely love when pet insurance companies offer routine wellness plans in addition to traditional pet insurance. Routine care for pets can be just as expensive as an emergency visit, so having a routine care plan can really help save pet owners many. Embrace Wellness Rewards plans can be paired with your Embrace insurance plan to give you this supplemental routine care coverage.

Wellness Rewards Plans Include Dental Coverage

The aforementioned Wellness Rewards routine coverage plans also include anesthetic teeth cleaning and treatment for dental illness. Many routine coverage plans exclude any type of regular dental procedures, but dental prevention care is just as important as other routine care. Thankfully, Embrace knows this, too!

Work On A Per-Year Basis

Most pet insurance companies give you a per-item allowance for specific items in their Wellness or regular plans. With Embrace, however, you actually have three different allowance options: $250, $450, or $650 per policy year. This means that you can pick and choose which type of preventative care services your dog needs. There are no per-item limits.

Customizable Options

Like other pet plans, you can customize the amount of coverage that you want to adjust your monthly premium and your overall coverage levels. Whether you want the highest level of care that covers everything including accidents, illnesses, cancer treatment, and more or you prefer accident only coverage, you’ll get great coverage. You can also add-on routine care options.

Cover Many Breed Specific Conditions

One reason Embrace sticks out is that they specifically mention many breed-specific illnesses that they cover. Some pet insurance companies underwrite these illnesses so that your breed might not be covered if they end up with one of these common illnesses. Embrace covers your pet, regardless of breed. 

Has No Lifetime Limits

There are no lifetime coverage limits with Embrace. Even if your dog faces an emergency every year, you will not face a lifetime coverage limit being imposed on you. Get the care your needed for life from Embrace.


Price By Breed

While Embrace covers breed-specific conditions, they do also impose a higher premium on some breeds, such as the Bulldog. While not unusual, I find this very frustrating for owners of certain purebred breeds. Still, Embrace does not boost the cost as much as some other brands, so they’re still a good choice. Wellness plans cost the same for every breed.

Don’t Cover Old Dogs

Embrace pet insurance complaints often mention that it’s frustrating that Embrace has an upper age limit. Some owners don’t think about enrolling their dog in pet insurance until they’re older, but on Embrace, you cannot enroll a dog after age 14.

Exclude Pre-Existing Conditions

Like most pet insurance companies, pre-existing conditions are excluded on Embrace. This includes some chronic conditions, so if your pet already has an illness, you will want to look elsewhere to find coverage that would help with it.

Plan Options

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Eusoh Cool
Mind if we pay your vet bills? - Embrace Pet Insurance

Plan Options

The final section of my review today will highlight the most popular plans from Embrace. Depending on the kind of coverage you want, you can select from the following for the best results: 

1. Embrace Accident & Illness Coverage

You can customize annual deductible, annual maximum, reimbursement level, and whether or not you want Rx coverage when purchasing this coverage. This plan typically covers:

    • Accidents
    • Illnesses
    • Genetic Conditions (such as hip dysplasia)
    • Chronic Conditions (such as asthma)
    • Dental Trauma
    • Cancer Treatment incl. Chemotherapy
    • Prescription Drugs

It does not cover pre-existing conditions.

2. Embrace Accident Only Coverage

This coverage allows you to customize the same options as the Accident & Illness plan, but it will only cover accidents. It will not cover any illnesses or pre-existing conditions.

3. Embrace Wellness Rewards

Wellness Rewards from Embrace assist in covering the regular, routine costs of owning a pet. You can buy three levels of allowance: $250, $450, or $650 per year. There are no per-item limits, so you can pick and choose what types of routine care your dog needs without paying extra. There is no waiting period on Wellness Plans.

Wrapping Up With Embrace

We’ve reached the end of my Embrace insurance review! I hope the detailed analysis I’ve given of everything Embrace offers has helped you to understand if this pet insurance is right for your household.

You can find more testimonials from current Embrace policy holders on their website.

Overall, Embrace is a good pet insurance provider. They aim to give owners flexible coverage for chronic conditions, accidents, and illnesses so that pets can be kept happy and healthy without going into massive debt if an emergency arises. Their services do have some exclusions and inflation practices that I don’t love, but overall, they’re a 4-star brand worth considering. 

See you next time!

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